The Alpaca ​Hacienda

The Alpaca Hacienda Alpaca Boarding contract


  1. Agistor (The Alpaca Hacienda) agrees to board the described alpacas with their herd.
  2. Boarder (Alpaca Owners) desires boarding and agistment services for the described alpacas, and Agistor agrees to provide for their care as part of Agistor’s herd management program.                            



Health Requirements:

All animals will have current vaccinations and worming before arriving. Their health records, vaccination records, breeding records and proof of BVD negative status must accompany the animal, as well as current fecal testing within 14 days of arrival from an accredited laboratory with negative or clear results.

Fee Schedule:

Boarders agree to pay the sum of $4.50 per day for one alpaca, $4.00 per day for two alpacas, and $3.50 per day for two or more alpacas for boarding services. Crias will stay free of charge for the first month, and then will convert to the charges previously mentioned. Payment is required at the first of the month. For attending at the labor and birthing of any female alpaca, Boarders agree to pay $300.00. For administering to any special need and/or transport to and from veterinary hospital, Boarders agree to pay $30.00 per hour. Any additional expenses beyond boarding will be billed for the following month, accompanied by an itemized bill. One month total boarding fee needs to be paid in advance and will be held as a deposit.

Services to Be Provided:

Agistor agrees to provide adequate feed and facilities for normal and reasonable care required to maintain the health and well-being of the animals. “Normal and reasonable care” means the same standard of care currently applied in the management of the alpacas owned by Agistor. Annual vaccinations, worming and toenail trimming are included in the boarding service. 

Waiver of Liability:

During the time the alpacas are in the care and custody of Agistor, Agistor shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, astray, theft, death or other injury which may be suffered by the alpacas or for any other cause of action arising out of the boarding contract.

Boarder to Insure, or Self-Insure:

Boarders represent either that the alpacas are insured with a “full mortality” insurance policy or that the Boarders are acting as their own self-insurer, both as to mortality, and also as to any injury, damage or any event causing a loss of value of alpacas that may occur. Boarders further agree that their sole remedy, in the event of damage, loss or any event causing a loss of value to either dam or any cria at their side, shall be to make claim against any insurance policy that they have acquired. If Boarders fail to acquire such insurance and hence act as their own self-insurer, they shall be deemed to have waived any claim against Agistor both as to mortality, and also as to any injury, damage or any event causing a loss of value of alpacas that may occur.  

Hold Harmless:

Boarders agree to hold Agistor harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by the alpacas to anyone and agree to pay any attorney’s fees, costs or expenses incurred in defense of such claims.

Authorization of Emergency Care:

Boarders authorize emergency veterinary care and agree to pay all necessary and reasonable veterinary charges for services rendered to the alpacas while in the care of Agistor.

Lien Rights Conferred:

Boarders acknowledge that Agistor shall have a lien upon the alpacas to secure payment of all charges and monies that may become due and owing pursuant to this contract and that Agistor will have the right to retain possession of alpacas until all charges are paid in full, or to sell alpacas, pursuant to the laws of the State where this contract is performed that pertain to enforce of an agistor’s or liveryman’s lien rights. In addition to other rights, the Agistor shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of suit in any legal proceeding to collect any amounts due, or to enforce or foreclose any lien arising under this contract.

Costs of Transportation:

Boarders are responsible for all costs of transportation of their alpacas to and from Agistor.

Legal Proceedings:

Venue and jurisdiction of any action to foreclose the lien, or any other action arising out of this agreement, shall be in the county where this contract is performed.


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